Welcome to Fuller Spirit, Body, Mind

Yoga involves utilizing the brain in a way that helps to integrate the two aspects of body/spirit. Hence, that is one of the reasons I have named my company, and this website, Fuller Spirit, Body, Mind L.L.C.

In Yoga, we follow the breath and bring consciousness to what is happening with our breath, and in turn what is going on in our bodies. I loved this aspect when I started practicing Yoga over 25 years ago, and I continue to follow my journey and experience my body in different ways as I age and grow more spiritually aware.

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Why Is Yoga So Beneficial?


Makes You Feel Better

Focus of the mind can increase productivity and enhance the mind and body connection.


Stillness of the Mind

Reflection through Yoga and meditation can clear our thoughts and bring a sense of calm.

Attain Union

Get in touch with your needs spiritually, physically and mentally.

Promote Physical Health

Yoga can contribute greatly to maintaining your physical health, strength and flexibility.


Spirit, Body, Mind

With a strong sense of Spirit, Body, Mind - challenges can be met with greater unity.



Regular practice and a sensible diet can contribute to greater fulfillment and quality of life.

"Yoga is strong medicine but it is slow medicine. Don't expect overnight cures with yoga (though for many people it does start to yield benefits right away). One major difference between yoga and many other approaches to healing is that yoga builds on itself, becoming more effective over time. In this sense yoga is something like learning to play a musical instrument: the longer you stick with it and the more you practice, the better you get and the more you will get out of it."

Timothy McCall MD
From Yoga As Medicine